Tuesday, October 27, 2009


By Caroline and McCall

We love getting our nails done. It is an indulgance that we love to splurge on!

We both wear overlays which is just an acrylic base that is layered over the top of your nails. It does not involve tips but instead allows your natural nail to grow under the overlay. We both like ours kept short.

The great thing about the acrylic overlay is that it holds polish for a long time unlike the natural nail which tends to chip quickly. We each get ours filled in every two weeks and although there is some out growth of the overlay, the nail polish itself has never chipped.

Color is always the main question at our appointments, so many to choose from! We each have ones that we love, old trusties if you will, but it is also fun to try new colors too!

I often times go with a french manicure, while McCall dabbles in all kinds of color.

And color is fun! Especially as the seasons change.

Here is a look at some of our favorites
And some colors that are Hot this season:

This jade color by Chanel is the color of the season, for sure! It has been seen on runways and celebrities! It is a twist from the popular dark colors that have been the hot picks from past seasons during the fall. This color is bright and cheerful and somewhat of a shocking change from the normal reds and pinks.

Chanel, of course, is the coveted bottled. If you find this bottle available, let us know, it seems to be sold out everywhere!

If you aren't in the market it to pay the high price of the Chanel bottle of jade or just cant seem to find it anywhere. Essie offers another great version of the popular color:

Mint Candy Apple by Essie offers that same great shade as the oh-so-popular Chanel Jade.

If your not really feeling the Jade and want to stick with some classic fall colors here are some of our picks:

Red is one of our all time favorite nail colors. And I am sure most of you all agree, it is classic. It makes us feel instantly chic and girly!

But it can be tricky finding that perfect red. But we have found one that actually suits us perfectly.
O'hare and nails look great by O.P.I.
This color is the perfect shade of classic red!

Another color that caught our eye was Mink Muffs from the fall collection by Essie.

It has a great mocha color but almost in a pastel. It is different than the traditional browns that you see and much softer too.

If you are still wanting that dark look that is still quite popular we found a dark brown that we thought was perfect.

Wicked by Essie

So go indulge, get a manicure and hey... maybe a pedicure while your at it! Just choose a color you love and that makes you feel gorgeous!

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  1. LOving the Chanel! GOrgeous! I am sick of my tips. You two have inspired me, I am getting them off and just doing overlays. I have the essie wicked and wear it a lot. One of my "go-to" colors. I miss you Caroline!