Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I don't like winter. I am a summer girl.
The little things get me through the cold months, Starbucks holiday cups, Good TV, Fires, the holidays, and Winter accessories.

One of these winter accessories that gets me through the dreary season (in my opinion) are tights.

I love them.

They are a simple statement that can ad a pop to an outfit or make it a bit more suitable for the winter months.

I wear them all the time to work. I wear them with dresses and skirts, heels and flats. I wear different colored ones and patterned ones. Today I am wearing gray ones with a caramel skirt and black cardigan and I love my outfit, all because of that pop the tights offer.

It is easy to stick to the basic black color. And there is nothing wrong with going for that staple color. But it can be fun to try something a little different to really make the tight an accessorie.

I found a few that I think are fun but classy too.

These three looks are all from Anthropologie:
How fun are these! A little loud I know, but I definitely think they can be pulled off. With a black dress or black skirt and cardigan these would be so perfect and add so much to an oufit!

I thought these were fun as well. They also come in black. But instead of just a basic gray or black tight, they offer a little pattern to spice it up.

and I LOVE these! They are so perfect for the winter mothes and holidays! Cant you just see these with a fun festive holiday outfit and some great shoes! LOVE!

There are an endless amount of retailers who sell affordable tights. Spanx offers some amazing tights in basic colors and many patterns. People rave about this company and their tights. I also found some great basic tights at Jcrew along with some amazing patterned ones too!

So get out there and pick up a pair. If your a little scared just start with a basic color and see how you like them. I promise they'll grow on you and you may even see them as a fun accesorie to get you through the winter months!


  1. I'm obsessed with pretty much every tight that anthropologie carries.

  2. It is weird that you posted about this today, because I haven't dabbled into the tights world that much! However, I have seen a lot of cute outfits that include wearing tights lately, and I am excited to buy some.

  3. Thats hilarious!!! I just bought a pair of the cream ones today!!