Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I don't like winter. I am a summer girl.
The little things get me through the cold months, Starbucks holiday cups, Good TV, Fires, the holidays, and Winter accessories.

One of these winter accessories that gets me through the dreary season (in my opinion) are tights.

I love them.

They are a simple statement that can ad a pop to an outfit or make it a bit more suitable for the winter months.

I wear them all the time to work. I wear them with dresses and skirts, heels and flats. I wear different colored ones and patterned ones. Today I am wearing gray ones with a caramel skirt and black cardigan and I love my outfit, all because of that pop the tights offer.

It is easy to stick to the basic black color. And there is nothing wrong with going for that staple color. But it can be fun to try something a little different to really make the tight an accessorie.

I found a few that I think are fun but classy too.

These three looks are all from Anthropologie:
How fun are these! A little loud I know, but I definitely think they can be pulled off. With a black dress or black skirt and cardigan these would be so perfect and add so much to an oufit!

I thought these were fun as well. They also come in black. But instead of just a basic gray or black tight, they offer a little pattern to spice it up.

and I LOVE these! They are so perfect for the winter mothes and holidays! Cant you just see these with a fun festive holiday outfit and some great shoes! LOVE!

There are an endless amount of retailers who sell affordable tights. Spanx offers some amazing tights in basic colors and many patterns. People rave about this company and their tights. I also found some great basic tights at Jcrew along with some amazing patterned ones too!

So get out there and pick up a pair. If your a little scared just start with a basic color and see how you like them. I promise they'll grow on you and you may even see them as a fun accesorie to get you through the winter months!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


By Caroline and McCall

We love getting our nails done. It is an indulgance that we love to splurge on!

We both wear overlays which is just an acrylic base that is layered over the top of your nails. It does not involve tips but instead allows your natural nail to grow under the overlay. We both like ours kept short.

The great thing about the acrylic overlay is that it holds polish for a long time unlike the natural nail which tends to chip quickly. We each get ours filled in every two weeks and although there is some out growth of the overlay, the nail polish itself has never chipped.

Color is always the main question at our appointments, so many to choose from! We each have ones that we love, old trusties if you will, but it is also fun to try new colors too!

I often times go with a french manicure, while McCall dabbles in all kinds of color.

And color is fun! Especially as the seasons change.

Here is a look at some of our favorites
And some colors that are Hot this season:

This jade color by Chanel is the color of the season, for sure! It has been seen on runways and celebrities! It is a twist from the popular dark colors that have been the hot picks from past seasons during the fall. This color is bright and cheerful and somewhat of a shocking change from the normal reds and pinks.

Chanel, of course, is the coveted bottled. If you find this bottle available, let us know, it seems to be sold out everywhere!

If you aren't in the market it to pay the high price of the Chanel bottle of jade or just cant seem to find it anywhere. Essie offers another great version of the popular color:

Mint Candy Apple by Essie offers that same great shade as the oh-so-popular Chanel Jade.

If your not really feeling the Jade and want to stick with some classic fall colors here are some of our picks:

Red is one of our all time favorite nail colors. And I am sure most of you all agree, it is classic. It makes us feel instantly chic and girly!

But it can be tricky finding that perfect red. But we have found one that actually suits us perfectly.
O'hare and nails look great by O.P.I.
This color is the perfect shade of classic red!

Another color that caught our eye was Mink Muffs from the fall collection by Essie.

It has a great mocha color but almost in a pastel. It is different than the traditional browns that you see and much softer too.

If you are still wanting that dark look that is still quite popular we found a dark brown that we thought was perfect.

Wicked by Essie

So go indulge, get a manicure and hey... maybe a pedicure while your at it! Just choose a color you love and that makes you feel gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tell me the time Lady!

By Caroline

Watches are the topic of the day.

I rarely wear a watch. Not sure why. Some people are devoted to watches. But recently I found one I love ( more on that in a minute).

I wanted to highlight some watches that I find to be beautiful, from the high-end to the low-end.

Lets start with the Chanel J12 watches.
They come in white and black. You can get a smaller clock face size or a large one. You can get it with diamonds or without. But anyway you choose, This watch is stunning. Totally Chanel

Check them out here

If you aren't in the market to shell out for the Chanel J12, there are alot of other great brands that offer the same look as the Chanel watch.

Micheal Kors offers one for a much lower price tag. Same great look just a different name.
This Micheal Kors option also comes in black.

I love Toy Watches! They have an incredible selection of well made time pieces. This watch is similar to both the Chanel and Kors options. Although if you visit their website you may find another design you like more. They literally have tons of watchs in so many styles, All are chic and all are affordable. Check them out here.

McCall owns the Fossil Stella Watch. It also has the look of the Chanel J12. She has it in white, but again it comes in black as well. It also boast a nice price tag.

Recently I bought a watch that I just love. It is by Betsey Johnson and it is called the Boyfriend Watch.

I bought mine in silver and it has crystals around the rim of the watch face. It hangs very loose on my wrist, Like a mans watch would. That is part of its charm. I think Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made the man watch look popular. (they would :))

So there you have it. My take on watches. The Chanel J12 is definitely the hot little time piece at the moment and because of that there are so many other great brands that offer the same great look and the same great quality with an affordable price tag.

And again, you dont have to just go for the J12 look because of its popularity. Find one that you love. For me it was the boyfriend watch, for other they might like a more athletic look. I definitley urge you to check out Toys website though, they have numerous options and I doubt you will be disapointed.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cali Bound...

By: McCall

So.. I needed a few tops before we left for Napa Valley and because of the difference in weather wanted to get some versatile items, ie.. tanks that can be worn under boyfriend jackets or layered and worn with leggings and boots... I know this is kind of hard to see, but the gray, cream, and black tank hanging on the wall in the top left corner of this picture is what I was immediately drawn to. Along with two other gray tunic tops. I scooped them all up and before I could get to the dressing room my husband says, "More gray, huh?" I will admit, I am always drawn to the color gray, but not just clothing, in decorating as well. Now, don't get the wrong idea, I am not DRAB I love bright colors also, but something about gray just pulls me in. So I end up buying the gray tops along with a hot pink number to appease my husband, and worry the whole way home that I am boring...After much research on colors and mood I have found that gray is a neutral color, it does not evoke much emotion and should not be confused with dull and depressing moods. This made me feel a bit better, but I wanted to confess my addiction to all of you and challenge myself to buy something shiny and bright!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why Hello There

To McB's Online Boutique. We are two best friends. Best Friends who love each other and fashion.
One day we want to own a real boutique together but for now we'll settle for an online one.
We hope to bring you some of our favorite things, things we love, steals, deals and beautiful things.
We don't exactly know yet where this is headed. i.e. segments and such. But there will be some of those, with a little of this and that thrown in to keep it interesting, because, well, that is just our style!
We are really excited!

We hope you Enjoy! And visit often!