Friday, October 16, 2009

Cali Bound...

By: McCall

So.. I needed a few tops before we left for Napa Valley and because of the difference in weather wanted to get some versatile items, ie.. tanks that can be worn under boyfriend jackets or layered and worn with leggings and boots... I know this is kind of hard to see, but the gray, cream, and black tank hanging on the wall in the top left corner of this picture is what I was immediately drawn to. Along with two other gray tunic tops. I scooped them all up and before I could get to the dressing room my husband says, "More gray, huh?" I will admit, I am always drawn to the color gray, but not just clothing, in decorating as well. Now, don't get the wrong idea, I am not DRAB I love bright colors also, but something about gray just pulls me in. So I end up buying the gray tops along with a hot pink number to appease my husband, and worry the whole way home that I am boring...After much research on colors and mood I have found that gray is a neutral color, it does not evoke much emotion and should not be confused with dull and depressing moods. This made me feel a bit better, but I wanted to confess my addiction to all of you and challenge myself to buy something shiny and bright!

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  1. HI!! Love the new blog! Consider me #7...oh wow 7 always was my lucky number! Thank the Lord I am not the only "grey" person out there! Can't wait to read the header!